Foot Specialists for Wound Care in Auburn, AL

foot specialists for wound care in auburn alOur Compassionate Team Helps Ensure Proper Healing

Dr. Brett Stark and his compassionate podiatry team are expert foot specialists for wound care in Auburn, AL, and can help ensure your foot or lower extremity wound heals properly. If you or a loved one suffers from any of the following conditions, Auburn Foot Care Center can help:

  • Traumatic Wound
  • Chronic Wound
  • Diabetes-Related Wound
  • Heel Ulcer
  • Lower Extremity Ulcer

At Auburn Foot Care Center, we recognize the physical and emotional discomfort that can arise when you are faced with a debilitating foot wound. Not only can a wound be extremely painful, but its location on your foot or lower extremity can also have a significant negative effect on your mobility. For this reason, Dr. Stark and his team will work closely with you to restore health to your foot, ankle, or leg as quickly as possible.

Our goal is threefold when you visit our Auburn, AL office:

  • We help you control and manage your foot pain
  • We work to prevent or resolve any infection as your wound heals
  • We strive to maintain function in your foot or lower extremity

Whether your foot wound is small or large, podiatrist Dr. Stark will employ his extensive knowledge of foot wound care and lower extremity wound care to help you control and resolve your condition.

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As one of the premier podiatry centers in Auburn, AL our podiatrist and team at Auburn Foot Care Center also provide 5-star-rated podiatry care to patients from Opelika, Lake Martin, Montgomery, Dadeville, Alexander City & Stillwater, AL, and surrounding areas.