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Now Offering Telemedicine Appointments!

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Now Offering Telemedicine Appointments!

Fluoroscopy in Auburn, AL

fluoroscopy in auburn alA Diagnostic Tool that Lets Us See Your Problem In Real Time

With modern podiatry’s technological advancements, our 5-star-rated podiatrist and his experienced team are more equipped than ever to help our patients with all their foot needs. We are 100% committed to providing the highest level of care and the latest treatments and diagnostic techniques, including fluoroscopy in Auburn, AL.

What Is Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is sometimes referred to as an x-ray that moves. It is an imaging technique and visual diagnostic tool that uses x-rays to capture real-time images of a body part, meaning it provides a dynamic view of your radiographs and allows us to view your bones and joints as they move while you apply weight on your foot.

During your examination, a continuous x-ray beam is passed through your foot. This beam is projected to a monitor where our podiatrist can see every detail about how your foot moves and if there is any damage, and identify more accurately what your issue is.

The moving images obtained from fluoroscopy are helpful in:

  • Identifying foreign objects
  • Guiding injections directly to joints
  • Providing increased certainty before surgery
  • Monitoring circulatory issues

At Auburn Foot Care Center, we utilize fluoroscopy to help treat:

Learn More About Fluoroscopy in Auburn, AL Today!

Schedule your Auburn Foot Care New Patient Assessment by calling 334-466-1401 or by clicking here. Your appointment includes:

  • Review of Your Medical History
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  • Physical Exam
  • Discussion of Recommended Treatment Plan
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During your appointment, Dr. Stark and our experienced team will take the time to answer all your questions about our podiatry treatments, our office, our flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know about us! Your comfort is our top priority and we always want to make sure you’re fully educated before making a treatment decision.

Come experience Auburn Foot Care Center! You’ll see for yourself that our board-certified podiatrist and team offer 5-star-rated foot care you can count on!

As one of the premier podiatry centers in Auburn, AL our podiatrist and team at Auburn Foot Care Center also provide 5-star-rated podiatry care to patients from Opelika, Lake Martin, Montgomery, Dadeville, Alexander City & Stillwater, AL, and surrounding areas.